PC Standalone Version FAQ

We are proud to present the Standalone PC version of Never Alone.  This version was created for our fans who are not accustomed to Steam, or who want an option to play that does not require having a Steam account.

We’ve taken many steps to make installation and configuration of the game easy by creating our own launcher.

However, there are parts of the process which may require explanation that we couldn’t avoid due to Browser and Windows security checks. 

This article was developed to help step you though the process and explain where user intervention may be required to install the game.

Downloading the Launcher

Users who are encountering issues with the launcher producing an error, Open Control Panel, and progress to Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features. Uninstall the Never Alone Launcher, and then re-install the launcher from
Never Alone Launcher Download

Google Chrome

Google Chrome may inform you that our launcher file could be dangerous. It is not malicious in any way. It allows you to download and launch the game. Click the drop down tab arrow to the right, and select 'Keep'

Once it downloads, you will see the launcher in the tray. Click it, and follow the instructions.

Mozilla Firefox

When Firefox prompts you to download it, select 'Save File'.

Look in the top right of the browser. You should see a blue download arrow. Click the arrow. You should see the launcher at the top of the list. Click the launcher or select the little folder icon to the right to view the download destination.


Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer will show a bar at the bottom of the browser window. Select 'Run' and it should download and it will auto-launch.


Installing the Game

  1. Purchase the game and download the launcher from
    • Open the launcher from the download (NeverAloneLauncher.exe)
  2. Never Alone Launcher Installer should open
    • Select ‘Next’
    • Select ‘I accept the agreement’ after reading carefully
      • Select ‘Next’ until prompted that the launcher is Ready to Install
    • Select ‘Install’
  3. Launcher Installer will open the DirectX Setup Wizard
    • Select ‘I accept the agreement’ after reading carefully
    • Opt in or out of installing the Bing Bar
      • Select ‘Next’
    • Select ‘Finish’
  4. Never Alone Launcher Installer will finish installing
    • Select ‘Finish’
  5. The Launcher itself will now open. An internet connection is required to install Never Alone.
    • Click ‘Install’ in the upper right; the game will download with a progress bar
    • Once the game finishes installing, you will be prompted to ‘Enter Your Activation Key’
      • Enter the activation key provided to you and select ‘Submit’

After submitting the activation key, the game should launch.



  • Please report your problem to us with as much detail as possible. You can contact us at support [at] neveralonegame [dot] com
  • Please mention your operating system and any other relevant system information in your email.
  • Providing a DirectX Diagnostic report can help us identify the source of the problem. Please save the text file and send it along with your email and mention (Standalone Version) by following the instructions at the link below::


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