Never Alone Update Patch v1.5 -- January 29, 2015

  • Inputs for movement and actions are now able to be remapped to different keys
  • Tutorial messages will now show the key currently being used for the tutorialized action
  • Control summaries will now show the currently assigned keys
  • Added a new idle animation for Nuna and Fox when they are at their most common distance apart
  • Added a new "barely stumble" animation for Nuna when she barely misses a jump
  • AI characters will now stop moving when the player performs a "ledge brink"
  • Updated video codecs to the latest version
  • Fix for characters playing their "ledge scramble" animation in situations where they had already made the jump
  • Fix for menu navigation not looping once the end/start of a menu is reached
  • Fix for the Bola not always hitting Spirits correctly
  • Fix for Fox not having the same "jump at the last possible instant" ability as Nuna
  • Fix for characters not being able to jump until their "ledge brink" animation has finished
  • Fix for AI characters getting caught by enemies in Coastal Village
  • Miscellaneous improvements and fixes to menus and other UI


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