Xbox One Save File and Achievement Issues

Save Files
We have had a few reports of users having issues with save files on XBox One. This is potentially due to a few issues:

  • Asynchronous errors between the local save and Microsoft cloud save storage
    •  It is possible that connectivity issues on XBox Live are causing issues during file save transfers.
  • Players signed in with multiple profiles
    • In the event of a local co-op session, the game will save to the account that initiates the game session. If you sign in and initiate a game session with a different profile, it will have a different saved game path.

We have also had a few instances where achievements aren't unlocking. The achievements are unlocked locally, and then verified and synced with XBox Live. Sometimes a timeout may occur. Closing and restarting the application should in most cases solve this issue.

If you are still having trouble, please contact


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    Lois Clark

    Does Never Alone run with XBox360?

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    Never Alone Player Support

    Hi Lois,

    The game is not currently available for XBox 360. It is available for XBox One as a digital download.

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