Never Alone Update Patch v1.1 -- November 21, 2014

Improved single-player AI so the character you're not controlling will behave more intelligently, including:
  • Implemented global change to prevent AI companion character from following improperly in specific situations.
  • Improved level-specific AI triggers to prevent AI Companions from following or jumping at times that would cause loss of progress or death.
  • Fixed issues where AI Fox would not stay put when he was supposed to, causing Spirits to dematerialize and drop Nuna in specific situations.
  • Improved AI Waypoints in Forest Chapter to improve pathfinding behavior.
  • Fixed issue with Partner AI Fidget Animations that could cause erratic behavior in specific situations.
Adjusted the difficulty of the last few chapters of the game so it is more balanced with earlier chapters.
Added support for playing in offline mode.
Other fixes:
  • Fixed issue where certain players could not save their progress.
  • Fixed issue where pressing certain keys on the keyboard while playing with a controller would activate co-op mode. Now only Space Bar and all Letter Keys on standard QWERTY keyboards will activate co-op mode.
  • Adjusted collision detection for breakable ice that was not activating reliably in specific cases.
  • Fixed issue that could cause Nuna to become detatched from animated ladders in specific cases.
  • Fixed issue with Crushing Ice Bergs where characters could be killed as they opened instead of being crushed in specific cases.
  • Fixed issue that could cause Fox to become stuck in level geometry in specific cases in the Polar Bear’s Den.


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