Never Alone Update Patch v1.2 -- December 5, 2014

  • Many more fixes to improve companion AI in single-player mode:
    • AI will no longer accidentally run off a ledge if the controlled character performs a "ledge brink"
    • In single-player mode, the companion character will now more closely follow the player during dangerous situations
    • AI will now wait for wind gusts to end before following the player in the Tundra
    • The companion character will swim more intelligently and get out of water more easily
    • Fix for AI characters not properly waiting if the player-controlled character entered a wait location
    • Fix for AI Fox accidentally running off a specific ledge in Whale Spirit
    • Fix for AI Nuna bumping her head on a jump and falling into the water near the end of Whale Spirit
    • Fix for AI Nuna falling off a Spirit near the end of Whale Spirit if Fox moves
    • Fix for AI character not waiting for the player on a specific ledge if the AI character climbs out of the water in Whale Spirit
    • Fix for AI Fox failing to move when Nuna runs towards him while on the Spirit Walker
    • Fix for AI Nuna accidentally running off an upper branch of Spirit Walker if Fox moves
    • Fix for AI Nuna not jumping onto a Spirit Walker branch
  • Bola aiming via gamepad is now completely tied to where the initial throw is aimed
  • Default mouse sensitivity has been lowered to improve bola aiming — the setting can be found in the Advanced section of the Input Options menu
  • Added a glow on the currently controlled character after a few seconds of being idle, to improve clarity on which character is active
  • Added a pulse on the currently controlled character when they move again after the idle glow
  • Fox will no longer scramble up walls if he is too close to a ceiling
  • Added a checkpoint right before the end of Coastal Village
  • Increased the size and clarity of large ice in the Forest Chase
  • Added immunity to wind drift and knockdown while pulling up from a ledge
  • Fix for extremely brief movement improperly triggering a "ledge brink"
  • Fix for Vsync setting not properly applying on exiting the options menu
  • Fix for the opening cinematic requiring two skips to skip
  • Fix for improper ragdoll on Fox
  • Fix for issues resulting from falling off a ledge while pulling an object
  • Fix for objects not functioning correctly after watching a Cultural Insight video during gameplay
  • Improvements for the Loon Spirits in Nuna's Village moving unnaturally
  • Fix for Little Person never fleeing after continuing midway through Nuna's Village
  • Fix for Fox getting stuck on the slide at the entrance to the underground beneath Nuna's Village
  • Fix for characters accidentally climbing on movable objects without jumping
  • Fix for the camera being zoomed out too far after continuing midway through Nuna's Village
  • Fix for characters getting stuck on Manslayer ice barriers in Nuna's Village
  • Fix for Fox getting stuck in the ice while scrambling up a wall in the bear den
  • Fix for not being able to proceed if Fox gets far ahead of Nuna midway through Whale Spirit
  • Fix for the sliding box in Coastal Village not always sliding
  • Fix for a Bola spirit not functioning if the player dies at the end of the Forest level


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